rubik ensemble

" Freshness, impeccable technique, joy of playing, musicians have shown a wonderful aspect of classical music. Henri Févrat, Le Journal (France, Buxy)" 

"Six Top talents on stage, Nothing to be said, defenitly one of our highlights." Klassiek Op Het Amstelveld Festival (Amsterdam The Netherlands) 

The Rubik Ensemble is the first European Ensemble formed by six international renowned soloist prize winners of the most prominent musical institutions. 

Unconventional, revolutionary and versatile, The Rubik Ensemble takes the name from the invention of the Hungarian mathematician Ernó Rubik, who created a puzzle cube formed by six faces of six different colours. By mixing this six different faces in different formulas they end up being ¨the perfect match¨   

Our essence is born from the versatility created by mixing the musicianships of each one of the six members of the Rubik Ensemble. This is what creates our identity, uniqueness is our Keyword. Developed and mixed through music in the same way than a Rubik Cube system we create musical programs always in different combinations that will go from solo performances until duet, trio, quartet, quintet or sextet. This is our soul and our "perfect harmony" 

The Rubik Ensemble symbolises an union between countries thorugh music. We come from six different countries: Russia, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. We are all connected and developed in this ensemble from different parts of the world to open to all kinds of public classical music and wonderful musicians. 

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